Creme Pardais

The warm and strong tones, streaked with black, brown and sand color make Creme Pardais an original marble. Everything about it recalls the aridity and fascination of the desert, the softness of the dunes and the roughness of the rocks. Cut by strong and dramatic veins, where colorful fragments float, or decorated very slightly by diffused honey-colored lines, this is a stone that offers any environment the dazzling presence of the natural world.

Examples of Use

Exemplo 1 Creme Pardais
Exemplo 2 Creme Pardais
Exemplo 3 Creme Pardais


Polished | Sandblasted | Bush Hammered | Bamboo

Physical and Mechanical Characteristics

Petrographic Description
(EN 12407:2000)

Fire Behavior (reserved for uses subject to fire regulations)
(EN 13501-1:2007)
Class A1 (according to the Amendment to Decision 96/603/EC)

Flexural Strenght under Centered Load [MPa]
(EN 12372:2006)
Average value = 20.0
Standard Deviation = 0.5

Water Absorption at Atmospheric Pressure [%]
(EN 13755:2008)
Average value = 0.1
Standard Deviation = 0.0

Apparent Volume [kg.m-3]
(EN 1936:2006)
Average value = 2710
Standard Deviation = 4

Open Porosity [%]
(EN 1936:2006)
Average value = 0.2
Standard Deviation = 0.0

Abrasion Test (Capon) [mm]
(EN 14157:2004)
Average value = 21.5
Standard Deviation = 1.2

Slip Resistance [SRV]
(EN 14231:2003)
Dry = 73
Wet = 66

Resistance to Ageing by Thermal Shock (outdoor use only) [%]
(EN 14066:2003)
Mass Variation/Average value = 0.01
Mass Variation/Standard Deviation = 0.00
Decrease of Dynamic Elastic Modulus/Average value = 17.0
Decrease of Dynamic Elastic Modulus/Standard Deviation = 3.7

Warpage after 50 cycles [mm/m]
(EN 16306)

Increase in the rate of warpage [mm/m]
(EN 16306)

Recommended Use

Interior Floor

Interior Cladding

Exterior Floor

Exterior Cladding