This is a Portuguese company leader in the production of granite and limestone. It has 20 years in the market and a prominent position in the sector, being an important partner of Grupo Galrão for the complementary supply of natural stone, both in national and international markets.

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Topzstone by Guidoni is the Galrão Group partner responsible for the production of the purest quartz with the latest technology that guarantees a perfect cut and greater durability. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops, its beauty is revealed in an infinity of shades.

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Milano Idylium is an Italian company, leader in the manufacture of Porcelain Stoneware, a material that has extraordinary resistance, durability and variety of patterns, being therefore ideal for application in kitchen and bathroom coverings and countertops.

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The German company Lithodecor presents revolutionary and extraordinarily effective solutions for invisible systems of suspension of natural stone panels on facades, ceilings and columns, being therefore the partner par excellence of Grupo Galrão when it comes to exterior and interior coverings.

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An innovative solution that combines the beauty and characteristics of stone with the acoustic and thermal insulation of cork, creating a revolutionary product in terms of aesthetics, environment and constructive and economic efficiency. Grupo Galrão was a creation and development partner since the beginning of the project.

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