Natural Stone: A Fresh Perspective

Marmomac 2023, a significant event in the natural stone industry, is set to commence in Verona tomorrow. 

This year underscores the rise of digital advancements and the expansion of the international promotional network. These shifts are opening new avenues for tailored B2B engagements specific to material use and application. On the agenda, too, are workshops and discussions that delve into the integration of natural stone with modern machinery—a crossroads of design, architecture, and art. 

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Stome: From Waste to Exclusivity

Stome is born from the Galrão Group’s ambition to address the wastage of natural stone extracted from its quarries. Our vision captures the essence of reusing every fragment, no matter its condition, and elevating it into a distinct and innovative product—a true embodiment of the circular economy. 

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Technological Exellence For Optimal Efficiency

At Grupo Galrão, we’re not just about supplying products; we’re about delivering solutions. Recognizing the evolving demands of the architecture and design realm, we’ve fortified our machinery lineup with the NDF6860/60 stone cutting machine from Nodosafer — a vanguard in the design and fabrication of equipment tailored for natural stone processing. This machine is expertly engineered to seamlessly transform substantial blocks of granite and natural stone into meticulously calibrated slabs of varied thicknesses.  

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Galrão provides the New Wing of the Ajuda National Palace

Designed by the architect João Carlos Santos, the new wing of the Ajuda National Palace, which houses the Royal Treasury Museum, features contemporary features and materials. The Galrão group is proud to be the chosen supplier for such an emblematic work as this one, integrated in a Portuguese Royal Palace, and with a gross construction area of 12,000 square meters. Among the raw materials chosen, there is the use of lioz marble worked in order to establish a strict connection to the original elements, such as the arches, friezes and existing moldings.

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Marmo+mac 2018


Picasso is an extraordinary marble. Like a genius of painting, the extravagant trace of its veins is combined with the explosive hues of fire, developing surprising and captivating atmospheres.

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Mármores Galrão – Crescimento 2020

Designação do projeto | Galrão – Crescimento 2020
Código do projeto | LISBOA – 02 – 0752 – FEDER – 020344

Objetivo principal|  Reforçar a competitividade das pequenas e médias empresas

Região de intervenção |Lisboa

Entidade beneficiária | Mármores Galrão-Eduardo Galrão Jorge & Filhos S.A.

Data de aprovação | 31-10-2016

Data de início | 01-06-2016
Data de conclusão | 30-11-2018

Custo total elegível |456.667,18 EUR

Apoio financeiro da União Europeia | FEDER – 182.666,87 EUR


A base essencial do projeto incide no recrutamento de colaboradores comerciais vocacionados para a conceção e desenvolvimento de novos produtos. Sendo pratica corrente da empresa estar representada nos maiores certames internacionais de rochas ornamentais, neste projeto foi contemplada a presença na Feira Marmomac em Verona e na Coverings nos E.U.A.

Estão previstos neste projeto a realização de eventos promocionais nos países que se previa maior taxa de desenvolvimento, concretamente os E.U.A. e Reino Unido, sem esquecer a prospeção de novos clientes em mercados tradicionais da empresa. Para apresentação de novos produtos ou soluções estéticas foram realizados vários workshops em diversos países.

Ao nível do marketing está prevista a realização de um vídeo promocional destes novos produtos e suas aplicações assim como o desenvolvimento informático de novas aplicações.



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GALRAO @ Coverings 2018 Atlanta, EUA

Marble, a metamorfic stone by excellency, is formed essentially of calcium carbonate minerals (based on its origin of sedimentary rock composed by sediments, detrits and organic materials) and typically with medium abrasion resistance. In other words, is for the most parts used for internal cladding considering that adverse weather conditions may decrease its brightness or even its erosion.

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Like every year, also in 2017 Mármores Galrão have been present, between the 27th and 30th of September, in Marmomac, the most important world fair of the sector.

With an ample and impressive stand, Galrão presented the unique beauty and incredible quality of the Portuguese marbles extracted from its quarries in Estremoz and Vila Viçosa.

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